About the artist

I paint both landscape and still life. My landscapes are inspired by the wild beauty of places I know well and feel connected to – the Yorkshire coast, the Peak district and the north coast of Wales. This work is intuitive, mainly from memories and imagination. My still life paintings use much loved ordinary everyday objects where I paint directly from life whilst distorting perspective and building on a strong structural design. In both subjects my concern and interest is in exploring and creating a visual language. My main medium is oil, but I also like to use a wide range of materials including charcoal, acrylic, ink and pastel. Building layers, brush marks, gestural marks, drips, splashes, scratches, thin washes through to the juicy thickness of impasto, the wonder and joy of colour.

My influences are many, some of them include; Elizabeth Blackadder, Joan Miro, Henry Matisse, Joan Eardley, Winifrid Nicholson, and Richard Cook.

Born in Glasgow, I graduated in Fine Art (painting) from Trent polytechnic, Nottingham in the eighties and worked as a graphic designer before running a mural business. I now follow my own practise working from my home studio in Sheffield alongside  teaching art classes and workshops to adults